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Welcome to the pH Scientific website! Your favourite shop for all your laboratory equipment, supplies, and consumables. pH Scientific gives you the choice on where and who you would like to purchase from.  We can work with a supplier if not currently on the pH Scientific website please just contact us. With customer/peer reviews and star ratings on products and suppliers, you can make an educated choice for your lab. 

Pricing and availability clearly shown online without having to login or create an account.
Extremely easy process to order online using credit card or PO's (direct transfer).

Perfection - Peter M, University of Auckland

Everything went perfectly until lock down occurred. This could have put the team at pH scientific off their game but no. They contacted me again me again and confirmed it was ok to send while we were closed down. Thanks for the great service

Eisco Glass petri dish outer diameter 150 X 20mm height, borosilicate – pH Scientific

Great Experience switching to this BSA - Fiona C, University of Auckland

I am loving your BSA following our recent switch. We have not seen any noticeable effects on our data and results from recent experiments are aligning nicely with previous experiments using a different BSA. The main reason for looking for an alternative was that our previous source was very fine and static made it difficult to weigh out without wasting a small amount each time. The pH Scientific BSA is larger granules/flakes which, combined with the easy access bottle, do not generate static when dispensing and dissolves easily. Thanks heaps for the alternative NZ sourced BSA!

Bovine Serum Albumin – pH Scientific

USP Reference standard - Joseph B, ESR

Great experience! Item arrived quickly and in good order. Thanks!

Prednisone Tablets (30 tablets) – pH Scientific


EXCELLENT PRODUCT, HASSLE FREE DELIVERY BECAUSE OF NZ ORIGIN. Works well as a blocking agent in ELISAs where freedom of fatty acids is important.

Bovine Serum Albumin – pH Scientific

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